MZA ceased providing syndicated/off-the-shelf analysis on the consumer corded and cordless phone market at the beginning of 2016 but remains able to support requests for historic market insight and bespoke consulting engagements

The market for consumer corded and cordless phones continues to develop in both mature and immature global markets.  Despite growing penetration of mobile services, many groups of users are still retaining their corded and cordless devices due to the increased comfort of their ergonomic design and need for guaranteed communications regardless of mobile coverage and capacity.  A further factor is the fact that despite mobile penetration being very strong and the prevalent means of communication for certain factions of the population, there are still sectors of the population who due to either age and social-economic group find fixed line telephony more appropriate than mobile telephony.  The impact of VoIP on the market for consumer PSTN terminals has not yet had a large detrimental impact and in fact devices which can support both PSTN and broadband connectivity have been marketed for a number of years now.  Clearly moving forward with growing broadband penetration the market for PSTN based terminals will be under increasing pressure however it is important to note that there are a large number of solutions which enable existing and new PSTN devices to work seamlessly with broadband voice solutions.

The cost of both corded and cordless devices has reduced significantly over the past 15 years and notably in the area of cordless technology there have been significant advancements in the functionality and features offered. 

It is likely that there will remain a strong market for corded and cordless devices in the next 5 years as declines in more developed markets are offset by increased demand from developing markets.


MZA's coverage of the consumer telecommunications area focuses on two distinct areas:

The Corded and Cordless phone analysis services are available in both European and Global editions providing granular insights on historic and forecast trends by geography and product segment.  In addition the consumer Cordless phone analysis adds quarterly shipment reviews for timely advise of latest market sizing and vendor/manufacturer positions.