MZA's Consumer Cordless Phone analysis offers comprehensive evaluation of the current and future trends within demand for domestic and professional corded phones.  Analysis is provided for 3 historic and 5 forecast years. 

Topics of analysis include:

  • Average end user price and ex-supplier progression by technology
  • Installed base development by technology (base units v handsets)
  • Market size development by technology  (base units v handsets)
  • Market value development by technology
  • Competitor Market Shares by technology
  • Analysis professional v consumer channel


Analysis is provided by market segment and by geography.  A key trend within the consumer cordless phone market over recent years has been the increasing popularity of multi-handset packs (which ie. include 1 base station plus 2 handsets, 1 base station plus 3 handsets etc). 

Product segments analysed include:

  • Single handset solutions (1+1 units) by technology (analogue v DECT v "other digital" technologies)
  • Multi-handset solutions (1 base station plus 2 handsets, 1 base station plus 3 handsets etc) by technology (analogue v DECT v "other digital" technologies)
  • Consumer cordless phones with integrated answering machines
  • Dual mode consumer cordless phones supporting both PSTN and VoIP connectivity
  • Additional handset sales

Geographic Coverage

Please Click Here to view information on geographic coverage for each region.


Deliverables include:

  • Excel spreadsheet and pivot table analysis
  • Supporting powerpoint analysis
  • Shipment reviews
  • Background data on economic, demographic and telephony indicators
  • Access to MZA Enquiry Service

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