The market for enterprise communications solutions has evolved significantly over the past 10 years.  The early millennium years saw the first true deployments of IP telephony solutions and very quickly over the past 8 years the progression to IP based communications solutions has gathered pace.

In addition to core telephony functionality through PBX/IP PBX solutions, the adjacent markets for applications has also developed considerably since 2000. Since 2006 the hot topic of conversation within the communications space has been Unified Communications.  The presence enablement of existing telephony functionality together with the integration with alternative forms of communication such as voicemail, unified messaging, enterprise IM, audio, video and web conferencing is a key focus of new developments.  The past two years has seen a flood of new introductions in this area and the market is evolving quickly stimulated by global economic and environmental issues.

MZA's enterprise communications coverage provides critical insights into current and future trends in this area.  It provides insight and guidance for vendors, service providers and channel participants.


MZA's coverage of the enterprise communications market includes analysis of the following areas:

MZA's coverage of Call Control (PBX/IP PBX) markets includes specific analysis of the both premise based solutions and the development of hosted/cloud based call control solutions within our Hosted/Cloud Business Telephony service.

These services are available in both European and Global editions providing granular insights on historic and forecast trends by geography and product segment.  In addition regular analysis of key developments in competitor market shares and positions is provided.