A new presence for MZA online

MZA has announced the launch of its new website and client portal.

The website has been re-developed from the ground-up, using the latest development technologies. It has also been designed to be mobile friendly, adapting to the device upon which you are viewing it. All content is served over a secure connection, to ensure the security of client data.

The company’s reporting functionality has been split into a separate Client Portal, so as to provide a focused area for the delivery of our products & services. Data is presented in a new, clean dashboard design – making navigation clear and easy, whilst providing MZA with a solid platform for delivering future products & services.

In developing the new site we have taken feedback from our clients. Amongst the changes we have implemented, are:

  • Clients may now set their own passwords.
  • Passwords are no longer re-generated monthly. Instead, to maintain client security, a quicker, simpler ‘verify’ link is issued from time-to-time.
  • Clients may amend their own profile, and set a Gravitar.
  • Reports may now be downloaded in part, as well as the entire zip file. This feature will be particularly beneficial to clients requiring quick access to a particular file within a report, or those using mobile devices that do not support zip.
  • In addition to reports, clients may also access newsletters through the portal.

Discussing the release of the new site, Stephanie Watson (General Manager) commented

With the release of our new website and portal, MZA has an online presence that delivers our products & services to our customers through an attractive, user-friendly interface – founded upon the latest solid, secure website technologies. MZA remains committed to providing the highest quality of products to our customers, and we believe our new website is a reflection of that promise.

For further information regarding MZA, its products and its services, please contact us.