Team Collaboration maintains strong growth to reach 13 million paid active weekly users in 2017

Team Collaboration maintains strong growth to reach 13 million paid active weekly users in 2017

MZA has released its latest Collaboration Solutions market analysis, with team collaboration solutions recording strong growth in both revenue and active user base. The total weekly active paid user base worldwide rose to just under 13 million user licences at the end of 2017, and this growth drove revenues accrued up to US$ 422 million at end user levels, with each user typically paying a monthly subscription fee. The weekly active free user base also exhibited strong growth through 2017, with 105 million users active.


Team collaboration solutions provide persistency to an organisation’s communications, with a searchable history of messages, one-to-one and group calling and conferencing, and an ability to segment conversations into workflows specific to a task, project or group of users. In addition, some solutions either natively or via integrations provide a vast array of business tools including file storage, task assignment and project planning capabilities.

Nearly three times larger at the end of 2017 than was recorded at the end of 2016 at a global level, the weekly active paid user base was predominantly deployed in North America, with more users active in the region than in the rest of the world regions combined.


Competitive Landscape

The providers of team collaboration solutions have very different strategies to attracting and monetising their user base, with some offering their solutions as stand-alone, independent services, some as part of a UCaaS service, and some as part of a wider productivity suite.

In terms of the volume of weekly active paid user licences at the end of 2017, Microsoft was the clear worldwide leader, ahead of Slack in second place and Cisco in third position.

Microsoft’s entry into the market in 2017, offering its solution as part of its Office 365 suite, significantly impacted the market volumes and displaced previous leader Slack.

Slack and Microsoft’s very different pricing models are reflected in the revenue shares achieved in 2017, however, as Slack continued to lead the market in revenue terms, with a dominant share of over 50% of global revenues attributable to team collaboration.



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